Yours Mine Ours


Minthorne Gallery  /  George Fox University

16 December 2016





Artist Statement

"As a maker of functional objects, I consider viewer interactions with my work to be one of the most important aspects of the work itself. Yours Mine Ours is an attempt to create and foster an environment where viewers are openly encouraged to interact with the objects on display. This brought about a curiosity regarding space, including ways that the artist, objects, and viewers can collaborate on ‘sculpting’ a space. This also brought about a curiosity regarding possession and ownership. The space is openly shared, while objects and experiences within the space are more ambiguously owned. My hope is that you experience what Rowan Williams writes in his book, Grace and Necessity : “[our universe] is inextricably both material and significative, where things matter intensely, but matter in ways that breach boundaries and carry significance beyond what they tangibly are.”


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'Yours Mine Ours' a senior art exhibition by Emma Estep

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