Lehman Pekkola is a visual artist specialising in print design & photography. Having had an innate passion for curation since he was a child, Lehman makes it his goal to reflect consistency throughout everything he creates. The necessity to portray simplicity, the environment in which he creates in, and the desire to experience, are of utmost importance to him. Recognising the nature of having art as an intentional practice, he has found much purpose in making personal photo series. His current interests include the human form, film, and the act of ‘cleansing’, as expressed in his thesis exhibition Cleansed by which explores the relationship between self, the divine, and one’s definition of being cleansed.

With a background in design and direction, Lehman helped cast vision for The Student Collective and The Wineskin, two print publications at George Fox University. He holds a B.A. in Art & Design from George Fox, and produces visual content at Pic-Time.





Simplicity is at the core of my very being, which in turn makes it fairly difficult to describe. The importance of this embodiment isn’t something I try and aspire to be, but rather engrained in my very human thought process. Oftentimes I’ll find myself getting frustrated due to the overcomplicating of situations, continually referring back to a simplistic approach and wondering why I ever deviated from it in the first place. Simplicity, quite simply, makes sense.



Seasons are of much intrigue to me. They’re this natural cycle that continue to bewilder year after year. Seasons represent change, transition, hardship, flourishing. They create space for necessary processing, and the ever-present battle between turbulence and balance. Seasons affect me in ways I can’t quite comprehend, the weather continuing to play a huge factor in my inspiration, or lack there of. They are indeed fundamental to our human experience, and I hope to continue an ongoing ‘conversation’ with the seasons as they come and go; by means of a playlist, a personal series, and a collection of musings.






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